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Audi Sinclair Group promotion at the Vale of Glamorgan Golf Complex. Impressive positioning right outside the main enterance. Thanks Keith
Llandudno portfolio photography promotion
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Unicartridges Top Quality printer consumables
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This advertising company was able to target top class venues in the City of London for us. Highly Recommended...
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Famous European airline.
A top class Golf club and excellent host.
Well impressed with both the support and the response to our advertising campaign in the Gower golf club.
Hosts to the Sinclair Audi, Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen and Smart group of companies.
We are proud to sponsor and support the Legion
Truly a Mega star. Concert sell out. We are proud to be involved in the promtional advertising. Beermatman.
CMS marketing and advertising agency
Now successfully promoting their products in three seperate Golf clubs.
Had advise from marketing that said beermats were not for us...Glad I didn't listen! Great marketing media, good luck for the future and thank you.
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What a simple idea, and one that has brought us good results. Cheers
Advertising coasters, a novel idea that really works.
This company provided a welcomed  lift to our business, if somewhat surprising concept. Excellent ROI. Many thanks.
Thank you Keith, an excellent product and events turned out beneficial for us. K.
Sir Elton John in concert at Mijas Hipodromo..Racecourse. spain.  Brilliant!
Drinks coasters hit our target market perfectly . Thank you Anna
A Real Marketing Guru. Who puts service before profit.....Thank you Chris. Best regards Keith
GB Decorating materials suppliers
Computer and Mobile phones experts, and builder of this website. Thank you my friend
Beermat advertising works very good for foreign peoples here. Muy Bien. Muchas Gracias Diago E.
Drinks coaster advertising in Spain for expats works wonders....
Reduced budget on other media in favor of your drinks coasters My best decision yet this year
Sell out concert in Spain. Many thanks.
Excellent product launch, Beermats worked a treat. Many thanks LBS
Chose Golf clubs for their marketing coasters campaigns.
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Good print marketing idea.
Good targeted marketing media.
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In concert Spain
Advertised in Swansea University to 21,000 students; Brilliant!
Beermats are a great idea, especialy here on the Costa del Sol...Cheers Paul
Who thought it up advertising on drinks coasters in Golf clubs.. Good idea.
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An excellent idea and great product that gives value with a advertising message. Well done.
We understand we were one of the first dealerships in the United Kingdom to advertise with this company. Cotswold BMW always out in front.
Land Rover sponsored our bar drip mats. We thank them and wish them continued success.
Good response from the golfing ferternity.
Well conducted drinks mats campaigns are reflected in turnover
These drinks mats in Pubs worked best for us
Good idea and a good product. Excellent value for money.
Many thanks, our members and guests are impressed with the clarity of the artwork.
Response to the Captiva in the local golf clubs was well above Par
Good ambient media, we like it a lot.
Golf and Toyota excellent fit.
The best local advertising we have used, would highly recommend it. Oscar
Links to golf clubs have proved beneficial for us.
Good product and service. Should do very well for BMW
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Arriba marketing a reliable and safe company.
You get our vote for Chevrolet products in Golf clubs.
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High tech meets low tech. High tech for the internet and low tech to sell our goods.
We really like them
Probably the best advertising in the World. Seriously an excellent way to get  your message accross.
Guests take them as reminders of their stay in our Hotel, and advertisers reep the benefits.
Golf club promotions work well for Vauxhall and golf club drinks coasters are one of the best  methods to date.
Spains best outdoor advertising media
Thank you for making our engagement really special. A&P
A new idea that we all should have thought of long before. Steve
A fresh approch to marketing that works very well.. Jeff
Insured results with Beermat advertising
What a good idea, we wish your company all the very best.
Hi all you lovely people. Kisses Miguel  x x x
Es muy bien para Hummer
A1 advertising and the least expensive!
Always placed our advertisement in the right places. excellent ROI Diago H.
We can highly recommend this company. John M.D.
What a night I'm so happy thank you. A
Our investment returned ten fold, thanks to you regards Julie M.D.
Good service and excellent product, wonder why its been only just thought of?
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Extra Mile

Although we viewed it as a strange idea initially,
"Beer mats" and Cars.
We decided to give it a try; and we're pleased we did.
Qualified sales enquiries and business referrals from within each of the Golf Clubs we chose resulted in increased vehicle sales and servicing contracts.

Beermat Advertising went
"The Extra Mile" for us
 Bridgend Ford 

London Targeted

Excellent product and outstanding service.
Highly recommended.

Beermat Advertising
targeted the best Bars in central London for us at the City of London University.
Can't fault this company. We will definitely use them for all our beer mat campaigns.
City of London University


Don't waste your time and money dealing with pretenders.
Always use a professional company with a proven track record.
We use the best possible media to promote our clients businesses; and they come no better than Beermat Advertising.
This company does exactly "what it says on the tin".
We have NO hesitation in recommending this company.
RCL Marketing Europe

Go for it   

Beermats Advertising reached the parts other advertising couldn't!
The response rate to our beermat campaigns are consistently well above the figures quoted for "Beermats"
In our view Beermat Advertising is under promoted.
We have no doubt it will be of great benefit to many different types of businesses.

We have no reservations in recommending anyone to go for it; for they will not be disappointed.
Can't say any more; wouldn't want to push the price up. Ha ha, only joking.
1Car1 Vehicle Rentals


New advertising idea for Sweden. We really like the fact we are able to directly target our potential customers.
Glad we found them first. So if you want your phone unlocking come see us. If you want your business potential unlocking go directly to Beermat Advertising.
Högt Rekommenderad (Highly Recommended)

Made Me

Beer mats made me famous and an obscene amount of money.
My only regret is that I wish I'd advertised on the beermat earlier; much earlier!
I'm in the process of creating a new business; and my first task was to get Simon at Beermat Advertising to design artwork for the new company.
I've already had the normal deluge of "reps" trying to sell me the "same old" advertising; but I tell them all the same thing.
When they can guarantee me the same response I know I can get from advertising with you at BA, I'll talk to them.
I wont buy from them; but I will talk to them.
Love and kisses
I Do

Excellent marketing media with measurable results. 
Quite obviously it will be highly beneficial for a whole host of diverse businesses.
It's something different and I do like something different.
I wish you well; you've grabbed my attention.

Beer Mats Advertising Marketing Brand Effectiveness Cost Target         
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Cut costs and Boost Sales by only advertising to
Your Qualified Audience

Everyone loves Beer Mats; we just can't avoid picking them up and reading them.
Wherever you look someone's either fiddling with or flipping beer mats.
Scribbling messages on a beermat is quite normal and "taking" them for future reference is expected.

Have you ever thought "What if My Company's message was on that Beermat"?

ford-motor-co-bridgend-mondeo-009Sales lead generation marketing beer mats achieve excellent and ongoing brand effectiveness for this company by linking Ford's products directly to prestigious Golf Clubs.

By printing one side of the beermats for Bridgend Ford and the reverse for each Golf Club individually we establish a mutually beneficial relationship

This method of cooperation establishes a "trust" between the "host" venue and the advertiser. Reinforcing the company's brand at the lowest possible cost for a target  promotion within the Golf Clubs. Using Beermats 4 Business advertising and marketing is well proven.

Constantly striving to push our clients brand's even further forward led us to this:  South Wales Police

advertising response statistics 2011Statistical facts are a valuable resource and a good starting point when deciding where to advertise for the maximum return on your investment.

The two top performers, (excluding the T.V). are both outside advertising and marketing media's and targeted to people spending money.

In these areas Advertising Beer Mats that are correctly targeted will out perform all the others.

They are highly visible and on display to a rotating audience for some 16hr. a day, every day of the week. That's 112 hours of constant advertising to a highly receptive targeted audience.


sir-elton-john-concert-advertisingBeer Mats are now so entrenched in our social culture we complain if staff ever fail to place one in front of us.

This phenomena is becoming more and more recognised by companies of all sizes along with some World Famous Superstars.

Beermats advertising a concert for Sir Elton John were accredited with selling tickets amounting to £230,535.00 (Two hundred and thirty thousand, five hundred and thirty five pounds) in just 16 Days!

The cost target for brand effectiveness of targeted  Beermat advertising has been achieved once again for the year 2009 adding to our award for best ambient advertising and marketing media for 2007/8

We designed and placed this "COOL" beer mat in prestigious venues targeting would-be flyers with higher than average disposable income

From an initial advertising investment of some 15,000 beer mats this company enjoyed Full bookings for PPL courses over the  following 18 months.

Cool ideas on beer mats bring hot responses and generate easy and colourful marketing solutions.

Horizon Aviation recommended us to numerous other flying schools in the UK, France and Malaga.

But no others in their area of South Wales.
Strange?.............  Well maybe Not!

maggie-cleaning-compamy-16Margaret's story is a real "rags to riches" tale.
In 2006 she was cleaning Bars in Fuengirola for the equivalent of £3.30 an hour.
Since the rent of her 1 room apt. cost £425.00 a month. Maggie had to earn more! 

She ordered 5,000 of these mats to be placed in top Bars and Restaurants in Marbella

Thirty Five Prestigious Restaurants and over 100 Bars contracted Maggie's "firm" at 35€ an hour.

Maggie, was in her words "reassuringly expensive".

Maggie sold her firm 2 years later to a management company for what she refers to as an "obscene amount of money"!

So whether you're a "Sir" or a "Mrs Mop" a Targeted Beermat advertising campaign will almost certainly double, triple; even quadruple your profits.

Contact us now; for you may forget later.
It happens.

Think how many are forgetting you right at this moment.